Saturday, November 14, 2009

CABBAGES AND FINGS - with apologies to Lewis Carroll

I've been writing stories and poems for as long as I can remember. I have a four-drawer chest full of them, there are more stacked in the shelves of a wardrobe once intended to store skivvies, pullovers and underwear; my writing desk hasn’t seen the light of day in three years.

Along the way I’ve had a few nibbles from publishers and magazine editors (but somehow though several have acknowledged the stories make enjoyable reading - and they wished me luck, it seems the particular story was not what the publisher was looking for at this time or it happened they just accepted something similar only yesterday). I have several stories printed in anthologies; an article or two in professional journals, a self-published a children’s picture book - and this last week my story in verse: Red Riding Hood Rap has actually made it into the summer 2009 edition of Alphabet Soup. But none of this reduces my ‘personal’ slush pile.

In a year or ten I’m going to fall off the perch - and all those words that flowed year after year from my heart and my head will end up in some trash pile …


...   ....   I act now!

So ...

between cleaning my teeth and preparing to  entertain a seniors' group with story, song and riddles a week or two ago I came upon a FREE web programme on the internet

It provides the capacity to upload a story (or anything else for that matter) and allow the reader to turn the pages as in a real book. The programme not only includes clip-art and other quirky elements that can be added to the text, it allows users to upload their own illustrations, photos or tables from their computer. (I even managed to create treble clef  melody line for the song I wanted in one of my stories).

Now I’m just a beginner in all this techno world stuff  but I bravely offer the following  URLS of  my first efforts - done for the entertainment of my great nieces and nephews. I invite you to take a peek and tell me what you think (I think you need ‘Flash’ to make it work!)

So for the moment I'll save my stamps, forget my query letters - and just enjoy playing.