Thursday, March 26, 2009


Connie and her guardian angel: the hidden story
As I checked that the fuel lines were OK I noticed a lizard polishing one of the plane’s wheels. Yes! There’s another story about Connie that is only told in the illustrations. Here are a few to tickle your imagination. Thankyou Kelli Hainke (now Meugens) for doing such a great job on the illustrations!

. . . . . . . Waiting to hitch a ride

On the lookout

Packed and ready for adventure

And here's a video clip

I hope you enjoyed it. Please come again.

Connie's tour concludes tomorrow (Friday, 27 March) with a visit to Brenton Cullen at

If you missed any of the earlier stops along the way, you can catch them here:
Monday, 23 March Sally Murphy at
Tuesday,24 March, Sally Odgers at
Wednesday, 25 March, Dee White at


  1. Thanks for this refuel stop, Mabel. I also enjoyed the video clip. It inspired me to google you and Connie, and I found your storyteller page and some pics of the real plane.

  2. Thanks for sharing these glimpses, Connie. Even though I'd read the book, I hadn't notcied some of these. Enjoying your tour!

  3. Hi Mabel, I was a bit slow in getting here, but I loved what you did with your refuelling stop. I enjoyed the video clip and loved the reading - I think there's nothing quite like having a story read to you.